The ICSIC is the acronym for:
International Cyber Security and Investigation Committee,
founded in September 2022.

The International Cyber Security and Investigation Committee comprised of
cyber security and cyber investigation experts from a wide range of countries to assist in cross border investigation of online crime and provide the latest cyber security solutions.

Our members are;
Ex-law enforcement and Cyber Security – Computer specialists who have provided assistance to agencies, private citizens, corporations and organizations to combat cyber threats, theft and scams.

The committee is a collaboration of:
Cyber specialists | Lawyers | Scientists | Research and Development technicians, Quantum computing specialists | AML Lawyers | Crypto currency Investigators | Block chain specialists and Ethical Hackers who aim to develop technology, provide high-tech solutions, promote cybercrime awareness and assist on Cyber threats and Cybercrime cases.

International cyber support
We are an international organization with committee members spread accross the globe.

We will also perform a variety of services and humanitarian functions as mention above, so as can provide:
On-the-ground support | Conflict analysis | Emergency relief | Professional
expertise |and much more in terms of Cyber and Cyber Security.
ICSIC step is to become a recognized NGO, creating mission so as vision statement.
We have objectives that will be the overarching for the organizations and all of its operations and programming.

Members are mostly anonymous for security reasons and membership is by invitation and referral only.